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Welcome to the website of TH Lawncare. Within you will find detailed descriptions of the lawncare and maintenance services we provide in order to create beautiful and healthy lawns all over the Anchorage municipality.

   Whether you're finding us as the snow melts, or late into the summer, don't hestitate to call or email. We provide prompt, free estimates, and are more than willing to work with your yard's individual needs.

   So don't wait! Contact us now, and let us free you from the tedium of lawnwork, bringing you one step closer to the idyllic enjoyment of a bright Alaskan summer.

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"Thank you for your services, you did a great job and were prompt, courteous, and professional." - Jake
"This was the least expensive and the best result that I have ever had."
"I had some very positive feedback from my tenants. Thanks for the good work!" -Serena
"Your crews are doing a GREAT job!!!!!"
"Great job on the spring cleanup.  I'll be putting a check in the mail."
"Hi the guys are just finishing ...GREAT JOB!!!"
"Thanks for your good work during the past two seasons."
"Thank you for doing a great job on all the properties this year."