Mission Statement: "We will work our hardest, every day, to meet the spoken and unspoken needs of our clients in all areas of property management and lawn care, providing friendly and professional service to any Anchorage resident that becomes one of our valued patrons."

Company History: TH Lawncare was started by Taylor Holt in 2009, and he was the only worker. Since then, it has grown from fifteen clients to nearly one-hundred and fifty. We run multiple crews, five (sometimes six) days a week, from 7am to 7pm. Starting May 1st and ending Sept. 30th, TH Lawncare is out every day, rain or shine, working to keep its clients' lawns looking great. We've recently opened our own office front and have hired invaluable assitants that work tirelessly at keeping the crews on track, addressing concerns, and making scheduling and billing as painless as possible for all of our customers.

truck in grass
The Crew


Our head foreman, this previously Floridian landscaper was excited at the opportunity to work in the Alaskan sunshine all summer, and we're excited to have him.


Webmaster, accountant, CFO and laborer, Nathan helps to fill in wherever he's needed in order to keep the business running smoothly, and is devoted to its success.


As head appraiser, John's keen eye is crucical to our business's success. He puts about 400 miles a day on the company truck, but never complains. Talk about an ideal employee.

taylorpicAbout Taylor: A graduate from Dimond High School in 2010, Taylor worked for his uncle's landscaping crew for five years before finally setting out on his own. With years of experience in the field, he quickly developed a reputation among his neighbors as someone personable and honest, willing to work hard to ensure their satisfaction. After a few summer's of this, however, he found his client list had grown beyond his capabilities to maintain single-handedly, so he began hiring his friends to help on a per-needed basis. Now, in the summer of 2014, he has six permanent employees, two trucks, owns all of his own equipment, and manages properties spread from Muldoon to Rabbit Creek.