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How To Reach Us

The easiest and best way to contact us is via email. Any questions, requests, or concerns may be sent to at any time, and will be responded to nearly immediately.

If you prefer to voice your concerns aloud, which is quite common, don't hesitate to call (907) 748-4655 at any time. Even if we aren't able to pick up the phone, please leave a message. You'll receive a call back as soon as we get a chance.

Finally, if you'd like to walk through an estimate for a project, or for your yard, we're happy to do it. Though most meetings are conducted on-site, we are happy to meet with you anywhere you like. Just call or email to set up an appointment.

Payment Information

We prefer being paid electronically, using your credit or debit cards. It's quick, secure, and best of all - paperless. Call us at (907) 748-4655 to set up automatic payments. You'll be sent receipts upon every charge. However we do also accept checks, mailed to our office at 3435 Bobbie Circle.